Stevns Massage and Stevns Acupuncture are one and the same company - And can be found at SCHŌUCAMP 2021!

At the festival, I want to run things a little differently than if it were in the clinic.

Each session will last approx. 20 minutes in the case of massage.

Acupuncture can be given in 2 different ways:

1. Ear acupuncture - it takes 5-8 minutes

2. Treatment (bring a blanket you can lie on)


1. Cash (I can not give back)

2. Credit card (I have a creditcard machine with me)

3. Mobilpay (27 37 50 16)

However, there is a minimum price of 20 dkk to cover expenses

Why is there no fixed price?

50% of the profits will be donated to Cafe Stevnen.

Café Stevnen is a social gathering place in the middle of Store Heddinge.

People from Stevns can find a free space in cozy surroundings, where socializing with others is highly valued.  

Everyone is welcome and there is a special space for people that for various reasons are at a vulnerable or at a lonely place in their life.

At Stevnen there is the extra care and presence that the public system or the existing association life often cannot provide.

So what treatments can I offer at the festival?

On one couch I will offer a deep sports massage (deep tissue massage) - TENS (dk) - or sports acupuncture (dk) (muscular acupuncture)

In addition, ear acupuncture is offered, maybe the most relevant are needles against hangovers or headaches, but now you have the chance, why not try smoking cessation?

If you really want the effect of acupuncture, bring a blanket. Then I combine with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) acupuncture, where the meridian lanes are worked on, this takes up to 45 min

My normal prices are: 40 minutes dkk 300 - 60 minutes dkk 450