Stevns Massage & Sportstherapy

Stevns Massage

Tomas Patheier

CEO, Sports masseuse, sportsacupuncturist and sportstherapist.

At Stevns Massage you get sports injury therapy, sports acupuncture, ear acupuncture, and of course the classic physiourgical massage, which is also called sports massage.

Although I started out by providing only massage that works in many different ways, including by lowering any muscle pain, increase the suppleness of the soft tissue, coordinate the muscle's natural tension (tonus) and thus create better muscle balance, then it is sports injury therapy that is gaining in more and more, at least once you try it.

I usually say: If what I do is good enough for a football player that costs over 500 million then it is also good enough for a social and health care provider - And often we ordinary people are most in need of treatment, whether it is therapy, acupuncture or massage.

I'm ready to be your partner, whether you're an athlete or not, and no matter what level you're training