About me

Tomas Patheier

Proprietor & masseur

I have been a trained masseur since 2015, and have been there since then on Stevns.

I am an active sports performer, and at Stevns I have my own Ji-sig Taekwondo Club.
In 2019 I am trained as a sports therapist and sports acupuncturist, as well as ear acupuncturist, and offer restitution to athletes, including hearing Cupping, sports acupuncture, trigger point massage, cupping massage, TENS, kinesiotape etc.
Furthermore, by ear acupuncture, I offer both smoking cessation and weight loss.
In addition, I take part in various races (trail, half and whole marathon), scuba dive, sea kayaking, hiking (both in Denmark, but also in the Austrian mountains), and then I ski.
It is for the same reason that I chose to become a masseur, focusing on the sports body.

Massage and Sports Therapy

What to expect

If you have not had a massage before, it can seem a little daunting to have to be almost undressed in front of a stranger. If you still have concerns, just say so, we'll take it from there.
When you come to the clinic you can undress, except underwear.
You will start by lying on your stomach and you will get a sheet over you, only the part of your body that I work with will be exposed. when the back is massaged finished, you turn on your back and the front is massaged, again of course you are covered with a sheet.
During the whole course, you are of course welcome to ask, as you can of course stop at any time if you feel uncomfortable.

Sports Massage

With me you get a thorough sports massage.

How you want to use it is up to yourself, someone is using it for relaxation, wellness if you want, someone for pain, and others as a breath of fresh air in everyday life.
However, sports massage is developed for athletes, for the purpose of restitution, so a massage after training or competition can reduce the soreness and stiffness of the muscles by up to 30%, in fact, it has a great beneficial effect up to 3 hours after, which is why, for example. bike teams always bring their masseur or you hear about football players going for massage.

However, as an amateur, you can still benefit from the massage for the purpose of restitution, by getting a massage once a week, or every other week for example. It will still help the muscles and in the long run help boost performance.
For non-athletes, in addition to giving themselves a nice free time in everyday life, you will benefit from getting the muscles loosened, getting a greater blood flow of the muscles and thereby increasing the transport of waste material.

Are you for example. Just starting to run, massage can be a good idea, many stop again or take long breaks because they get sore or get hurt, and then you have to start over, why not stay in training and get help with the muscles?

Almost no pain can be avoided during the massage, and this can vary greatly, people who are physically active will usually feel less tenderness than people who are quietly seated, and powerful people will feel more tenderness than slim, this is because of the way our bodies develop. in relation to our everyday lives.

At the same time, sports massage goes deeper into the muscle tissue than, for example. wellness massage, and therefore it will feel harder.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is the whole palette, there are pros and cons to choosing this one, the advantage is that we can use all the tools I have and that I can better deal with injury issues, the disadvantage is that you don't know if you end up with needles or power, cupper or massage - Of course I do not do anything we have agreed, but it can sometimes be difficult not to know in advance what to have - Conversely, those who often receive this treatment and are used to it, super happy about it , and often they look forward to seeing what I've found.